Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blogging would imply

Actually writing something, which I've (obviously) not been doing. I don't think I have let down my faithful following though :) Tonight my thoughts and prayers are with the daughter of good friends of mine who apparently aspirated a toy of some sorts and has had to go to surgery to get the object removed. Talk about 10 years off the better end of Mom & Dad's life.
Work is still work. Busy and at times funny. Part timing it, which is a good thing.
School is nearly complete. I have 20 hours of clinical to complete and 1 project (to procrastinate on) and then the CERTIFICATION EXAM!!! No pressure there, right?
But, the biggest news is that we are expecting a new blessing to our family in about 6 weeks!! (I'd take a few less, 3 might work). Don't know if we will have a boy or a girl, but I know our hearts will be fuller all the same.
The garden is kaputz. I need to go weed and work the beds up for next spring......just as soon as I can reach my feet again. It does however, have a new fertilizer source, as we are the proud owners of 6 semi-legal suburban chickens. Yummy fresh eggs :)
Well, time to get going again. I'll try to write again before 10 months has elapsed.