Wednesday, December 31, 2008


And not a baby in sight! The real downside of being due on New Year's Eve, in so far as I can see, is the element of pressure. As in "Sure would be nice to get that tax break!" As though I have control over this! Ha ha ha. I am going for a somewhat more Mommy sensitive measure, like "Sure would be nice to see my feet again!"
But, regardless, I think the womb must be as cozy as the penthouse suite at the Plaza or something, because this little one seems comfy & cozy! So, tonight we'll just be kicked up, noshing on some year end junk food, and maybe watching the ball drop in Times Square (Or behind our eye lids, we'll see how this goes!)
To all of our family and friends, please have a safe, healthy, happy 2009!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just in case the cards don't get sent, Merry Christmas from the Zinger Family!

(Left to Right: I., N., T., and S.)

Well, we are almost done (baby is almost done, Mom is done!) This is the 39 week belly.

2 days until Christmas and we are almost all ready. I think the shopping is done :) Now to wrap in between back to back 12 hour night shifts (I didn't actually want to sleep anyway.) I think any & all hopes of labour getting me out of work on the 24th is going right out the window.

I need to send Christmas cards. For us, this tends to be an every other year phenomenon. And I love getting cards, I just never seem to get them sent. On time or otherwise!

Not too much else new at the ranch! Hope you all have a wonderful, blessed Christmas and a safe new year!



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finally all done

Well, it is official. I had my last 2 classes for grad school yesterday and I am ALL DONE!!! One form to turn in and I march on 12/12/08 (pregnant still or possibly (hopefully) delivered.) I am so God for the opportunity to actually go and opening all the doors even when it seemed impossible. To Paul, who has kept me completely sane and is a really good cook :) And for the kids who've put up with my being busy and spending the last year really running.

In other news, it is COLD. I think the weather guy lied (again) b/c it's not out of the 30's, bright but windy. So much for seasonable temps in the 50's. Snow would be nice, but unlikely. But it is getting me in the spirit, that is for sure. I am by no stretch done shopping, and the extent of the decorating is the lights that stay up year 'round on the porch anyway (yes, I am one of those people) are on! I'm at least thinking though, and that is a good start.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blogging would imply

Actually writing something, which I've (obviously) not been doing. I don't think I have let down my faithful following though :) Tonight my thoughts and prayers are with the daughter of good friends of mine who apparently aspirated a toy of some sorts and has had to go to surgery to get the object removed. Talk about 10 years off the better end of Mom & Dad's life.
Work is still work. Busy and at times funny. Part timing it, which is a good thing.
School is nearly complete. I have 20 hours of clinical to complete and 1 project (to procrastinate on) and then the CERTIFICATION EXAM!!! No pressure there, right?
But, the biggest news is that we are expecting a new blessing to our family in about 6 weeks!! (I'd take a few less, 3 might work). Don't know if we will have a boy or a girl, but I know our hearts will be fuller all the same.
The garden is kaputz. I need to go weed and work the beds up for next spring......just as soon as I can reach my feet again. It does however, have a new fertilizer source, as we are the proud owners of 6 semi-legal suburban chickens. Yummy fresh eggs :)
Well, time to get going again. I'll try to write again before 10 months has elapsed.