Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fun in the Farm Kitchen.....

Today was a work your tush off to get nothing done sort of day. Fuse blew out first thing this AM on the circuit running the microwave & the fridge. Think I found fuse in question. Thoroughly purged fridge and freeze. Take advantage of opportunity to totally scrub both down. Both sparkly clean. INconveniently forget to empty ice cube collector.

Go to Lowe's in search of fuse. Get fuse, get coffee. T drops his not once, but twice in van. (Milk, I don't feed my 3 year old coffee, honest.) Replace fuse. Apparently this wasn't it. :( Find water puddle. :( :(

Give up, try to dig out kitchen. Make taco meat, then think better of it. Dump in noodles, corn, salsa & cheese and call it casserole. Manage to stir it wrong, splashing it onto the stove, floor and me. Clean up in aisle 2.

P's home at this point & couldn't find fuse either, thought outlet bad. 2nd trip to Lowe's (and second coffee of the day, he took pity on me), new outlet, #*$&@*#&@* thing still doesn't work. Look in other fuse box. Fuse so obviously blown I could tell it was blown. Replace fuse, works immediately.

Beat head against wall repeatedly.

Not a total loss though...fridge and freezer look WONDERFUL, outlet works nicely, and honestly, was in need of new hardware, and I removed dust bunnies the size of woolly mammoths from behind the micro stand. And a good time was had by all.

Alright, gonna swap out the laundry and GO TO BED.