Thursday, June 20, 2013

Look what we found

(Or Say, Mom, Can we keep him...Puhhlllleeeeezzzzz?!?!) But he is astoundingly photogenic, now isn't he?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013



Sweet Baby Beatrice

Don't ask me why they're squishin' her poor head, I truly haven't a clue. Baby B. is my Sarah's very favourite little one on RR's. She was beyond put out that you can't adopt from two countries simultaneously, let me tell you! (And if you can, or you have...please, don't tell me...and more to the point: don't tell Sarah! ;-) Cause we can't right now, for sure!) All the same, she loves this little girl, prays for her often, and speaks wistfully of being her big sister. But most of all, she prays for her home, for her family. Sweet Beatrice had a family, but apparently their process couldn't or didn't continue. And the thought of her waiting forever, locked in a crib, crushed Sarah's heart.

Praise the Lord with us, that she. again, has a FAMILY!! And please join us in prayer that her new family can come to her as fast as possible. Though she's waiting far less time than some, any time is too long.

The King's daughter is all glorious within...
 Psalm 45:13 KJV
PS-Don't forget to continue to pray for Miss Rebekah; she is STILL waiting. Are you her family??

Monday, June 17, 2013

Cloud scapes....

(is that hyphenated?)  The first is after the storm on Thursday evening. The second is at sunset on Sunday evening as I was leaving work.  I liked how the sun sort of peaked through in an incomplete sort of way. We went on to get a semi-impressive storm last night too.

Yet He had commanded the clouds above, And opened the doors of heaven...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wish list....

We are safe, sound, with power, and frankly enjoying 20* cooler temps this evening. While north of us got rather walloped by the storm system that went through, we basically go a good, solid hour of high winds and some impressive lightening. And an inch of rain (usual & customary to storms here.)  The storm was much hyped (again, reasonably so parts north, and some parts of Richmond too) so we frantically took on getting stuff under cover and getting the front lawn mowed. Honestly, you about could of baled the stuff. ^_^ And it would have loved another weekend to grow, which is how long it will be before the place is dry & passable again. My mower, and my shoulders-not feeling the lawn love. Sheep (or fake field turf) would be brilliant, imo. 

Our paperwork...which has been in country for like, ever, was submitted this week. The excitement over this was promptly tempered by the fact that the B. government has undergone a total overhaul, and being a coalition sort of set up, is still getting various ministry/cabinet positions filled.  MOJ included (naturally, right?) If the local news feed is to be believed though, there is the possibility of appointments by week's end. THAT would be good news.

So that brings me to my no-specific-order wish list...

#5-a completely automated, no energy costs associated, laundry system that can handle MUD

#4-my cats to clue into the fact that dead vermin (particularly under my clothes line) is not my love language

#3-Friday to morph into some obscure, but recognized federal holiday...cause I'm tired, and did I mention, I'm behind on laundry??

#2-sleep.....more sleep......(zzzzzzz)

#1-An email with our official trip referral.  :-D

In the meanwhile...y'all should mosey on over to the Blessing of Verity, if you haven't already, and check out the fun photos and videos of their trip to pick up Tommy.

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Message from Amy Rainy of Hidden Treasures

Just a friendly reminder-The Hidden Treasures auction supporting the Robbins' family is almost 1/3 of the way over!! They are bringing home Elaina & Ethan from the same orphanage as Penny (and where Julie spent the first few years of her life too!) You might know them as 'Alyssa' and 'Beacon' from Reece's Rainbow!



I just wanted to send out a quick reminder that our Perfect Pair auction is off and fact, it is about half over!  Can you believe that 1/3 of our items still don't have the first bid?  There are almost 100 items listed, and several newly listed today.  Please come by and check things out.  Spread the word!  Share the link below on social media!  Let's shout to the world that these precious children are so very important and so very loved.  Let's get them home where they belong!  

They matter!



So swing on over to Hidden Treasures and bring home something awesome....and help families be part of something awesome!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Really good mommys.....

Get fancy-schmancy breakfasts! (it helps to have a 12 year old barista around :) )