Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Christmas Early.....

The likelihood of getting a closer to Christmas post up is slim to none. :) So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our home to yours! I hope that 2011 is a safe and blessed year for all of you.

Life is busy in these parts. We've gotten the obligatory round of stomach flu, with just a hint of strep throat added, for yet still more fun. I think the last of the kids to go down has just gone down, based on the unfortunate activity that just happened behind my desk chair :(

It's also gotten quite chilly here. You'd think we were in PA, although I am assured it's colder there. We picked up close to 1/2" of snow yesterday, though only on the grassy areas and cars. For spite, it sleeted first, so the windshield wiper blades were frozen the the glass, adding to the overall misery of scraping in 20* weather, active snowing, and winds out of the WNW at 10-500 mph! So much for global warming. ^_^ Kids are doing well in school, we're in the Thanksgiving to Christmas school-lite stage, mostly practicing for the church play "The First Leon" in which N. has the lead. N. needs to get a better handle on his lines. It's Tuesday....play is *this* Sunday. No pressure. I need to get fruitcakes made, as my dear FIL loves them and this makes an easy and appreciated Christmas/birthday present. But they are a 48 hr process and they don't start themselves. Mr. P. is busy with work and school work. Seems like by year's end the work schedule and load will settle themselves down, which will help tremendously.

Well that is about all that's new. Foster doggie didn't end up meshing with the family, so we helped him with his ear troubles and he's getting a forever home with someone else. Garden is still pretty much in a standstill--no rain half the summer and nothing but rain (or snow) ever since. A few more days of this crummy weather though and the ground will be frozen enough to get the beds pulled apart & we can try again to go weed free in the spring.

Hope you and yours stay healthy, have a wonderful Christmas, and STAY WARM!!!