Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finally checking in....

Sorry to have been so quiet. It's been a month of insanity here at Casa de Zinger.  My mom had been incredibly ill, necessitating back to back trips to the real farm (and 216 mile round trips from the farm to the hospital.) Praise Jesus, she's making some headway, but please keep her in prayer.  I also did my annual 2 week camp nursing volunteer job. Two weeks of midnight calls, tummy aches, puking (a lot of puking-side note to all campers: do not spin at top speed on the tire swing 10 minutes after dinner. Bad plan. WAAAY bad plan.) I tease the camp director that it serves as both my annual pediatric refresher course, and a reminder of why I don't do peds full time :-) On weekends betwixt and between, it's the usual insane July grind at the vahhhh-spa, with brand new interns. I will leave it at that. If you in medicine or nursing in any capacity, you know what I mean. If you're not, I'll scare you to death. If I hit August 1 without developing an ulcer it might be considered miraculous.

We did get a bit of very bright news-the IAC (international adoption committee in Penny & Julie's home country) is FINALLY meeting again. July 23 to be exact. We're cautiously optimistic our file will be on the docket. It is or it is not, we'll trust God all the same, His timing is perfect. We'd thought that it looked very likely we'd be traveling July 1, prior to the governmental shuffling that occurred after the elections in that country. Obviously now, that would have been the absolute worst time to be gone for 2 weeks. 


While we wait, Amy Rainey over at Hidden Treasures, is planning an auction for us, beginning August 1, to help us raise the final funds to rescue Penny and bring both girls HOME.  Please plan to stop by; donate, bid, or just pray over the give, the giver, and especially for Amy as she graciously hosts these auctions to give our children the gift of family. We are so appreciative!

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