Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Racing along

I've been a bit blog slack-ish, but we have been productive over here at Casa de Zinger. Today, following a frantic 8 AM email (sent from central time, no less) I was calling the NVC for our numbers, as the girls' article 5 interview is FRIDAY!!!! Yeah. Last step before submission to the MOJ & the court system in their home country. Several other tedious details are also being worked out, primary God's grace & people's willingness to go out of their way for Penny in particular. We are beyond grateful!

It occurred to me, as we were zipping up to C'ville & down 29 to the apple orchard for an annual pick up, that it's been a full year that we've been in progress!  It was there & then we got the official "your committed" letter! What a year!  In keeping with the anniversary theme, 1 person also puked on the trip, and several others of us, frankly, wished we could have. Good times, those mountain road trips. If you're new to the blog, and don't get how that could possibly be funny, brace your tummy & read here. Most wonderful time of the year...yeah.

Speaking of wonderful time of year, in the serious, rather than sarcastic sense, two big things are kicking off...

1: Angel Tree on Reece's Rainbow. This link shows all the children, including 5 who've already moved to the MFFM page!!! About half way down is Sutter, who is so dangerously close to aging out :( He's easily 20% funded already, but only has until February 2014 to have a family commit to him! His younger photo in particular, is so sweet-little impish grin that all moms of boys know too well ;-) Please share his profile as you feel led; somewhere his family IS out there!!!
2: Hidden Treasures Terrific Tony Auction. The auction kicks of December 1, and donations are needed.  Amy Rainy, auction coordinator, sent this recent update:
Hello friends!
      In just 2 1/2 weeks, we will be kicking off our auction to help bring sweet Tony home!  This is a great time to shop for Christmas gifts!  As such, we will be asking all donors to ship their items within 48 hours of receiving a winner's mailing address, in hopes that those Christmas gifts will arrive in time for the holiday.  Right now, we need auction items!  I know this is a busy season, especially with our auction kicking off just days after Thanksgiving.  I want to encourage you to send photos of your donated items now, so that you won't have to worry about it while the turkey is in the oven.  I also would like to make a few suggestions for easy ways to donate this month. 
  • 1) Gift Cards-  They are always popular, especially this time of year.  Winners can give them as gifts, or use them to buy gifts.  They can be physical gift cards, which only cost the price of a stamp to mail, or e-gift cards, which cost nothing to mail.
  • 2) Online Gift Certificates- In the past, donations have come from companies like Shari's Berries and Cheryl's Cookies.  There are many companies that specialize in sending gifts directly like this, Harry & David, Sockgrams, Pajamagrams, The Popcorn Factory, etc.  Usually the winner will tell the donor where to have the items shipped, and the donor places the order.
  • 3) Etsy Gift Certificates- Everyone loves Etsy as a source of unique gifts.  Etsy now offer Gift Certificates that many of their sellers are willing to accept.
  • 4)  Items ordered directly from Amazon- I've done this donation myself.  If you have a Prime membership, shipping directly to the winner is free.  So, for example,  you might select a fun Christmas DVD as a donation.  Then, when the time is right, simply go to Amazon and order the DVD and have it shipped directly to the winner.  There are thousands of fun choices available from DVDs to toys; from jewelry to books. 
    Of course, we always love listing handcrafted items, children's items, etc.  Every single donation is important and will make a difference in the life of our Terrific Tony!
      Thank you, thank you!  May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving. 

PLEASE consider supporting this auction in some way. Tony is 14, coming from Penny's orphanage, and like so many of the older children, needs to come HOME! His soon to be Momma, Grace, is an experienced P. specific adoptive momma; her daughter Sam is from the same place and has just bloomed! Donate & shop- you can call it preholiday decluttering & shopping, with a purpose!!! :-)

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