Monday, December 16, 2013

In about 8 more hours....

Our file goes to the courts in the girls' home country! It is almost surreal, to finally have the end in sight.  Please be in prayer over these proceedings, for a receptive judge and that the remainder of the processing goes smoothly.

I'm trying to pull together the last of the prep work. And fundamentally assumed I'd have a bit more time (ha ha--and ALL that I wanted was for things to move faster!) The kids and I have been moving more furniture than Rent-A-Center, and we're now ready to get the bunks up in the girls' room. Then to tackle the spare room...with spare being another term for catch-all.

These tasks, and securing a passport for a certain big sis who'll be traveling with me, are the prelude to the real fun, of getting clothing, high chair (need a fancy reclining one, not the more efficiency style I typically use), stroller for many, and car seat which will accommodate Pen's very fragile body.

Oh yeah, and in between all that, I'm supposed to Christmas shop! Wish me luck!
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