Monday, April 7, 2014

It's the Final Day!

A note from Amy Rainy of Hidden Treasures Auctions:

"Greetings on a very drippy, wet morning.  At least, it is pretty soggy around my house!  If you need a ray of sunshine, stop by our Beautiful Brandi auction and see the lovely items that are up for bid this month.  I have to tell you, many of the items have bids well below their value.  Bidding has been slow this week.  Could you please take a moment to stop by?  If you bid earlier in the week, it is time to check up on your bid to make sure that it still stands as the highest for your item.  Thank you for once again being a part of the team that works hard to bring another precious child home!


Amy Rainey"

Beautiful Brandi


Please swing by and support this family and bring sweet Brandi HOME.

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