Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Dad's Perspective

A Dad’s Perspective

So here we go again jumping on the adoption merry-go-round. Life over the past four years has been quite the journey unto itself. In February 2012, we had six biological children. Our home was filling up. We had to figure out transportation, bedrooms, and dining space for everyone. During that transitional time God was prompting us to adopt. He place two specific young ladies into our hearts. So we proceeded down that journey late in 2012, with much trepidation in my heart as to how all the costs and other logistics would be resolved. And I honestly had not real idea for what we would be in for; bringing two children into our home that had been all but thrown away by a society half way around the world.

Well God took care of the details, as is the case when you step out in faith. And for good measure, He threw in a pregnancy right in the middle of everything. Yes life never ceases to be interesting. So Penny and Fanny arrived in our home February 2014, and our youngest, Julia, was born a month later- increasing our family size by a full third in one fell swoop. Transportation, bedrooms, and dining space: revisited (again.)

You can read about many of the life adjustments we have gone through with Penny and Fanny trying to work through unravelling the results of many years of their difficult life circumstances preceding their adoption in previous blogs. Adoption has not scared us off; it has made us strong through many, many frustrations, fearful moments, and much head scratching to find ways to enter their worlds.

As previously stated, God has prompted us again. It has come about a little differently this time. The first go around, we were diligently trying to pray children into their forever homes. Although we continue pray children into their forever homes, over the past year we have also had the opportunity to become involved in new ways with the orphanage system in the girls’ home country. Through this God placed His plan for us to adopt into our hearts. Maureen would say desire to adopt, I would say obedience to adopt. It all comes down to the same though if it is God’s plan.

And if you ever wondered if God has a sense of humor…..we are expecting again too. J  So in the coming months we will again have added three more children to our family, totaling 12 if you had lost count. Guess what…. transportation, bedrooms, and dining space will have to be revisited (again^2).

Please join in the exciting journey ahead by checking in to this blog once in a while and by visiting Reece’s Rainbow to see “Saleena” and “Polly” the two little ones God has directed us to at http://reecesrainbow.org/?s=huizinga . Find a couple of little ones to pray into their forever homes while you are there. That is how we got started.
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
Ecclesiastes 3:1(KJV)


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