Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finally all done

Well, it is official. I had my last 2 classes for grad school yesterday and I am ALL DONE!!! One form to turn in and I march on 12/12/08 (pregnant still or possibly (hopefully) delivered.) I am so God for the opportunity to actually go and opening all the doors even when it seemed impossible. To Paul, who has kept me completely sane and is a really good cook :) And for the kids who've put up with my being busy and spending the last year really running.

In other news, it is COLD. I think the weather guy lied (again) b/c it's not out of the 30's, bright but windy. So much for seasonable temps in the 50's. Snow would be nice, but unlikely. But it is getting me in the spirit, that is for sure. I am by no stretch done shopping, and the extent of the decorating is the lights that stay up year 'round on the porch anyway (yes, I am one of those people) are on! I'm at least thinking though, and that is a good start.
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