Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ooohhh the blogging slacker

Yup, that's me :) Apparently I can blog twice annually. You get a summer and winter update. That's it.

So, here's your summer update! (I say, half in jest)

We've actually been busy little bees this summer. Not so much in the garden. I am growing some evil weed. Like kudzu only less redeemable, if that is possible (kudzu is at least pretty.) They've killed most of the beds. :( A few I had the good sense not to even try to plant. A few I tried with the expected results. The back garden actually did rather well this year, save for the drought conditions. The zucchini died. Died!! I didn't know that was actually possible. The corn lived though and we enjoyed several yummy meals of sweet corn picked to table in less than 30 minutes which is just plain fun. My parents thoughtfully rounded out the garden by blessing us with 200 ears of tasty Pennsylvania sweet corn. Canning corn is seriously hard work, but looks very impressive in the pantry. ^_^

We have started homeschooling this summer! This is quite the undertaking. Currently we have a 4th, 2nd and Kindergartener this year. We are really enjoying the change, though our bigger kids are missing their friends and the school routine, saving for the up at 6:30 AM bit. No one misses that. We are using a mix of curricula Rod & staff (which I really like-I'm the uncool HS'er who thinks text books are a good thing!) Math-u-see and Story of the World, which is a considerably more entertaining way to learn history as compared to what I was subjected to in school. Managing a party of 5, including a 20 month old who's discovered screaming as a recreational sport is challenging. But being about to work at each child's pace makes it more than worth it.

That's about the height of the new news in this part of the world. We are enjoying the cooler temps and the leaves which are just starting to change colour. College football season is upon us and UW and PSU have each begun the season 1:1. (And for the benefit of the locals....Tech 0-2 and losing to JMU at home?!? What on earth is that all about?) Mom and Dad H. will be coming in October, to enjoy a week at the beach and we can't wait. State fair is in two weeks and we look forward to a full day of petting cows and eating deep fried everything. (Well, maybe not the pickles. )

Have a blessed one!
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