Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Toddler funnies & foster critters

J (20 mo) and T (3) are fiddling around the desk while I am try to copy math pages.

J got one shoe off. Mom is clearly not providing entertainment :( As an added bonus, she's not looking.

T says "Hey J, watch this! Abra Cadabra, disappears!!!" And throws the shoe over his shoulder. "See, it disappeared" (as the shoe hits the corner cabinet filled with various glass vases).

J: squeals for joy.

Mom hits roof.

T--totally befuddled--"What? I am playing with him. He likes it."

Mom (beat head against table) "That's not the point. No abra cadabra in the house, OK?"

{and no, for what it's worth, we don't allow magic in the house at all.....but that is a phrase children need to hear only & exactly once in their lives to be able to use correctly forever} I don't know if it's that funny or not. But it was funny to watch it. Apparently I am done multi-tasking.

On to other news, we have a new foster critter. A cuddly, if food & toy possessive 7 year old parti-coloured cocker spaniel. I love cockers, which is most likely the only reason dh signed onto this little bit of lunacy. :) He's very cute. He's also deaf as a post, which serves to heighten my anxiety (visions of the dog getting spooked and biting have danced through my head) but not the dog's. The bright side? The trains don't bother him nor do the F-16's flying over the house. Yeah, he really, really can't hear! This is our first fostering experience, so far so good. Off to petsmart to find a chewie that isn't already named and tagged "webkinz". ^_^
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