Monday, February 25, 2013

A Shout Out for Friends

This is a re-post from over at Forty to Forever ( Today's family is the Mitchells', who are bringing home Adam (you'll recall from the Awesome Adam Hidden Treasures' auction & he's in Princess P.'s orphanage) and Mathias! You can follow the family's adoption blog at A Journey to Add 2 More ( Jaclyn and her family are but 2 weeks from potentially traveling to meet their precious boys! Please GO check out these links, PRAY over these precious children and families, and GIVE as the Lord leads and you are able! Thank you so much!!!!

Day 11: Matthias for the Mitchell FamilyPosted on February 25, 2013 by fortytoforever
Our Goal is to raise $500 for Matthias and Lina… $476 to go!
I am so excited to share this wonderful family with you today! The Mitchell family first began their adoption for a little boy named Adam. They were almost fully funded and doing well in fundraising to bring their son home.

Adam is not in a good orphanage. He is almost 6 years old and weighs just 16 pounds. He has hydrocephalus and just received a shunt this past September, after over 5 years of agonizing pain. In the midst of trying to get their adoption expedited to get him the medical care and nutrition he desperately needs, they made the commitment to bring home a second son – Matthias. This means they are now crunched for time to finish their fundraising efforts.

Matthias was recently transferred to a group home at nearly six years of age… In the last two months since being there, he has learned to sit up, crawl and walk with assistance. Matthias does not have a medical diagnosis, but he is significantly delayed due to being in an orphanage. We are fundraising for this second boy, so the Mitchell family can continue to move quickly and bring both brothers home.

After knowing Jaclyn Mitchell for just a short time, let me tell you – this lady is an amazing advocate for orphans. She shouts so loudly for the adoptions of every other family she knows that she often forgets to remind people about her own fundraisers! Can we take a day and return the favor? Shout for this sweet mama and her two wonderful boys!

We also have an extra special giveaway today!! If you donate at least $10 you will be entered to win a $25 gift card or $25 to the Reece’s Rainbow child or family of your choice. We will be giving away two gift cards! One when we meet the first half of our goal ($250) and the second when we meet our fundraising goal for the day!

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