Thursday, February 21, 2013

More milestones :D

Today we received word that our Hague oversight is completed! This is the final hurdle to complete our home study & will allow us to file our I-800a as soon as I have a hard copy in hand-should be this up comming week. My February 1 goal came & went, but March 1 is still more than do-able! I have all the forms and what-not for the I-800a, but am not entirely sure how to present it. Sort of want to stick it in some sort of binder, but I don't know as that would be helpful or not. I am open to suggestions on this one, lol!

I also (just now, like 5 minutes ago) wrapped up all of our education for the adoption. Both sets (long story....) But it's DONE!!!!! Hooray, hooray! My regular computer croaked, so I have been working on my very old, very cranky, likes to die rather than open PDF's desk top. That made the course work loads of fun ^_^ Upon the third or so crash in an hour, in between emails gone MIA, and other disasters inherent to the process, Mr. P., who seems to never tire of the cute paper pregnancy analogies, surmised that this is what's known as paper pregnancy 'Braxton-Hicks'.

Next stop....dossier!!!!!!!
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