Sunday, March 2, 2014

Home at Last, Again

Somewhere, there is an English Grammar teacher reading that title and twitching. I am quite convinced of it, in fact. It might even, possibly, be worse than Mr. Verbal-not-a-furball ;)

But, the title is fitting. We are all home again under one roof. Penny was sprung from the hospital Thursday evening and other than another solid 24 hours tracking down medications all over Richmond (Don't you have another pharmacy you use regularly....uhhh, lady, we have 2, and I *think* that's still generally considered 1 too many, but I digress....) Thank goodness for the compounding pharmacy, who's worked some magic making medications NG compatible and ALSO searched all over to find anyone who carried 1 med in particular, without regard to them not making the sale. You don't get that too often.  Other than still being ever so prone to constipation (well beyond that which a dose of mag sulfate daily can reverse, so Momma snagged miralax last night), Penny is tolerating her medications and feedings well, and thankfully the uber-sedating effect of the one seizure medication is abating somewhat.  Time up in her chair seems to be almost like gym workouts-we have a good day, up for now nearly an hour at a time, but the next day is a total recovery day. I don't know where the tummy is backed up factor plays into this as well, versus simply being a strength/conditioning/tolerance issue. Today we feel crummy enough however, to think that a couple hours at church was not in the cards. We'll just have to catch Truth for Life on the internet later, and call it church at home for today!

Other exciting news, in snippet form:
Nathaniel's basketball team finally won their first game! Now 1 & 5 on the season, we celebrated at DQ in Mechanicsville. And watched in virtual awe at the size sundae his buddy, Benjamin, was able to polish off. Speaking of whom, Mr. B. goes to the state spelling bee next Saturday.

Miss Fanny is getting braver by the minute in exploring...and bolder by the (nano) second in terms of destruction. Oh my! She likes whipped cream in a can, and with minimal to no prompting, can even imitate the sound and movement of can over mouth. Just in case it wasn't real clear what she wanted. Feeding time is still hit or miss, pun intended, as occasionally, we swat some offending plate/cup/bowl right off the table. As vocabulary may be a ways off, signing is so in our immediate future. No words is no fun :(

Momma is in full blow nesting mode. I have most of what I need for new baby (In case you hadn't already guessed from my belly in multiple previous pictures.) Sarah & I made a stuffMart run last night to get the vast majority of what remained on the list. She also got to see why it is that I am a bit of a stickler about keeping a respectable distance between folks at the checkout, as the folks behind us had no such compunction.  I seriously think the woman kept less than 24" between her & me at all times, and her kid was attached to my hip. In a word-awkward. Are you allowed to ask people to just please, back up? Probably not at *this* stuffMart and that hour of the night.... (twitch twitch...)

The weather has lost its we are going to push 70*, it is sunny, beautiful, and the clothes line will be coming off its winter holiday, at least briefly, to wash sheets. Tomorrow is supposed to be a high of maybe 35*, ice/sleet and 1-3 inches of snow. If I were cool enough to use twitter, it might just be #weathersmokincrack. Or #actuallynormalforRVA.

And with that, the washer, and the deck swing (where Penny would like to be held and rocked, even if she doesn't know it now..) beckon. Have a peaceful Sunday at your house.
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