Wednesday, March 12, 2014

One Month Home

I really had marvelous visions of a detailed, picture filled update of sorts for 1 month home. Yeah, you get a post. Sorry. ^_^

Life is exceptionally busy, but GOOD. We are finding a bit of a routine, that I know will be chucked soundly out the window if/when baby should ever choose to grace us with her presence. (Don't ask how late I am, you don't want to know and I don't want to dwell on it.)  Today might have been some sort of small scale miracle with nearly all school done before noon AND a walk in, before the wind & rain really picked up.  I don't envision a repeat performance, but I will simply enjoy it. ;-)

Penny is growing, up to 25# on an unofficial stand on the bathroom scale and peek down, try to see your feet weigh in. She's outgrown clothing (whoo-hoo!) and really showing us her personality. She looks like a bit of a doll baby, but girlfriend has got her own opinion on lots of things. Like being put down, or in her high chair (boo-hiss) and playing kissy-faces with Sarah (yea!) Her GI tract finally seems to have found a happy medium. Praise Jesus!!!

Fanny also seems to have put on a pound or two! She's confidently cruising the house, made friends with the Ellie the kuchen dog, and has found all the places I like to hide my coffee. Her eye exam was enlightening. Her previous glasses were about 1/4th the strength she needs....and what she needs is a special order miracle lenses set in an indestructible frame. I think we have it, and we are just waiting on them to arrive. You can bet that we'll be video taping her first look at the world!!!

The rest of the household is adjusting. All things considered: 2 weeks gone, another 10 days in the hospital, food spitting (ahh, Mr. Grey baby thinks this is fun to copy. Nay little man, big time NAY!), toy chucking, counter clearing, and some scary seizures, we are doing Ok. Making individual time is becoming of epic importance, and I am reasonably sure I am doing it imperfectly. But we are surviving, and none of us seem that much worse for wear. Watching the original crew just rejoice as the girls are able to accomplish some new thing, is an unimaginable joy to my heart. It's hard, I'm tired, and nearly co-pay broke. And this is TOTALLY worth it.

I am not sure if it is blogger or my computer (and I suspect the latter) giving me fits, but nothing is loading/uploading tonight. I will add photos soon, I promise!
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