Sunday, January 20, 2013

Field Trip!

Sorry, I've again been rather quiet! Probably like more than 1 or 2 of you, I was breathless awaiting updates on some recent travelers to the far away land of B. And no, I have no new news to share! Patience, patience, patience....if I repeat it enough, perhaps I'll apply it.

Conveniently to distract me, we are enjoying a long holiday weekend trip. VA honours both MLK JR day on Monday AND Lee-Jackson day on the preceeding Friday. It was once all one holiday, but apparently that was tacky. (I am so going to get spam comments for that, relax....I say 'y'all' like a native, but I am *actually* a Yankee! {shhhh, don't tell!} Plus there's a really good chance it was simply to optimize a 3 day weekend into 4!)

Moving on!

We had 4 days to occupy & 4 tickets to the Creation Museum in Petersburg KY. We've never been and heard it chatted up a bunch, so we loaded up the Great White Hype on Thursday and headed west. It's been a ball! In addition to the CM, we also went to the Cincinnati Zoo, and discovered icons of Americana like White Castle (I'd never been to a real one, and the real thing is superior to the microwavable micro burger. And those aren't bad) and a BIG BOY, semi-big BIG BOY statue in front and all! The only thing I haven't found in Kentukey is a Starbucks....I saw a highway sign claiming there was one off exit 180, but despite actively searching (for like 20 minutes) none was to be found. Almost no greater love hath this than a husband drives in lengthy circles looking for an elusive 5-bucks for his java craving wife ;-p We were also blessed to visit a church nearly 220 years old, with the kindest and most welcoming of congreations you could ever want to meet. <3 So we drive back home tomorrow, and once I am caught up on laundry, I will post some fun pictures! Off to call it a night, as we have this plan to be on the road before noon 9.

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