Friday, January 4, 2013

Lift them in Prayer

    Just a *very* short post with three prayer requests.


  1. & 2. Please lift Susanna and Mandy up in prayer as they both prepare to travel to Penny's home country this weekend! They will be traveling to separate orphanages, Susanna on her first visit to see Tommy (read more about his story here) and Mandy to pick up Benjamin and bring him HOME! Please pray for safety, travel mercies, and for the Light of Christ Jesus to show through them to every person they encounter on the way. Also, please lift Susanna specifically for healing of her ankle.
  2. Please remember us in prayer today during our second of 3 home study visits.


And A Praise------Joe & Susanna are FULLY FUNDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God who provides, abundantly beyond what we can think or imagine!


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