Monday, April 15, 2013

More than luck required...

So The Drop Off day began reasonably well, though breakfast was chaotic. I don't generally allow short order cooking. But when a certain adorable 4 year old presented with tears lamenting the instant oatmeal as being (and I quote) DISGUSTING, I caved &; gave him the last of the yummy, not THM approved by any means, oatmeal bars. I also view dino-egg oatmeal as being at best, disgusting, so I figured I'd make something when I got home from 1111.


Bad plan. WAY bad plan.

Grey had intercepted his bowl of oatmeal; he apparently liked it, and had proudly managed to get a few bites in & more than a few bites on himself. Cleaned up, apostilling directions clarified (thanks, Susanna,) and 6 kiddos shepherded into the Great White Hype, and we set off. We made reasonable time, as the bulk of the stop & go was on the northbound side.  I made no effort to try to park anywhere but the VCU deck and scored the primo 30 minute top spot.

Turn off car, unbuckle, turn to grab forms. This day is rolling along fabulously......

Uhmmm....where are the forms?  No one has the forms.

May I cry now? There is no one to blame but myself, as I can see them in my mind's eye, sitting neatly in a pile STILL ON MY DINING ROOM TABLE.

Turn car back on
Buckle up
Leave the paid for spot less than 2 minutes after pulling into it :(

En route, I called Mr. P. to whine beg plead inquire if he could please just drive me by, drop me off, circle around until I'm finished.  Once he finished laughing, he thoughtfully cleared his schedule, and once we had forms safely in hand and IN THE VAN, he drove us downtown once again. After dropping me off (and apparently hearing the lousy breakfast saga) he snagged some Lee's fried chicken for lunch & coffee for the nerves.  The gang at 1111 never fails though, I wasn't first in line and I was still in & out in 30 minutes flat.

Now, if they just had some parking. *sigh*

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