Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wish Me Luck....

Tomorrow I once again brave downtown to visit 1111 East Broad to get our dossier apsotilled. I still twitch thinking about my last fun adventure down there.  But we *do* have all of our documents ready, save for the I-800a (not as though that's an important one...) This will allow these to get a head start on processing. I finally got brave enough to call the USCIS folks who handle the I-800s (and presumably I-600s, the adoption folks) who were super-duper nice & didn't seem the least bit put off by nervous (arguably impatient, though I was on my very best behaviour) folks calling to check their status.

Other news around the home front; soccer season is in full swing. This means I am in crisis mode trying to get dinner made/eaten/cleared 2 days out of every week. :-) As one of those crazy weekend working folks, I don't actually get so see all the games, but I take time off to catch a few. Mr. P. none too subtly suggested (*cough*) Picture day.  Can do! 

We seem to have gone from winter to summer with about a 3 day window of spring. The ground is moist, the sock feet are BLACK, and the clothes line is in use again. With this too, comes the cage match for the lone dryer dried (also known as 'not crispy') towel for a shower. If you line dry, you know what I mean. If you don't...loofah is as close a comparison as I can draw! I think the underlying grumbling tonight was something about steel wool though, but I could have been wrong. They do smell nice tho....

And speaking of smelling nice, these line the patio area at my job:
And they are pretty. I also managed to catch the flag nearly thoroughly open. Not bad considering my phone screen was basically not visible from the sunlight!

Maybe Thursday I can sneak out to the garden...until then!
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