Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gotcha day & day one as a family

Monday began, as predicted at 0520 loading into Marty's van and making the lengthy trip (on rather impressively snowy roads) to Fanny's home town. Unfortunately, I was awake at about 0200 hrs and stayed that way. After being awake until about 11 the night before assembling the new strollers (that we didn't actually need for the pick up trip, but that's beside the point...)

It was fun to see her foster family again, and the social workers in the town. I was pleased that I actually could remember the way through the town. And sad that it wasn't lunch time, b/c the pizza at the hotel restaurant was fantastic. But we loaded up and were on our way to Penny's orphanage in what seemed like no time at all. While I fully anticipated a total melt down all the way back to Sofia, the girls did really well. The director at Pen's orphanage was wonderful about making certain we had all of our meds together for her, and questions regarding her diet and needs organized. We then loaded back up, again, for the drive back to the capital, skidding into the passport office by the skin of our teeth. And we made it! Passport photos done & even met another adopting family in the milieu that was the waiting room.

The first night went remarkably well, all things considered. No one ate much, but did sleep well. Miss Fanny is rocking the mother of all colds, so she woke up looking a bit like a snot encrusted cousin it. And subsequently survived her first shower. Penny faired slightly better, and had what I would imagine was her first real soak-in-the-tub bath. Penny has been enjoying trying out various new foods (the evil sweet potatoes notwithstanding,) but Fanny took the better part of the day to be coaxed into half a container of drinkable yogurt and a cup of water syringed in. She's running a fever, and seems to be basically miserable. Thankfully, tomorrow is medical check up/check out day, so she'll get another once over, and we can make sure we are on the right track to get her feeling better before we fly home. The sun came out (I think a relatively infrequent event here) and the temperatures weren't too bad, so we ventured as far as the corner store in search of more yogurt, paper towels, dish soap, & other necessities (Fanta.)

Some fun photos from our first couple of days:
You drive in this!!

 Penny's pick up

Fanny & her foster Mom

 Orphan or not, you are NOT coming home with us.....

 More peaches & oatmeal please

 Sisters. I had to smile, as Fanny is already holding Penny's arm.
Well, Miss Fanny is down for the count, and I'd think Penny would be following in short order. Prayers for a uneventful adventure out tomorrow are greatly appreciated. 
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