Thursday, February 13, 2014

Safely Home

Not snow, nor sleet, nor lack of sleep, no crazy snow blind drivers on 95 south, nor even L O N G & S L O W immigrations lines at Dulles could deter us. We rolled into home about 9 last night, in various stages of total jet lag/up for 26 hours straight/dead on our feet disorientation. Got meds settled and went to BED!!! The girls slept well, though early birdy Fanny outdid herself and woke at 3:30. I tried to settle her back in, to no avail. Creeping out of bed round #2, she met the dog. Which scared the blazes out of her. Daddy, whom she wasn't so much as going near last night, was her hero. And mine too, b/c he let me go back to sleep for several more hours. We switched off around 7, and by 9, everyone was fed, changed, got meds, and even the critters were caught up on. The big kids went to the sledding hill, and the little guys, plus Fanny, tooled about in the driveway getting level sledding ;-) Penny got to try out her new wheelchair, and we discovered that Grey likes it even better than she does. And as further proof that God really, really loves me, all 4 little ones (Penny, Fanny, Joshers, & Grey) laid down pretty much at the same time for afternoon naps. Now if only Mommy got one.

Fun pictures thus far:
Laura & Sarah on the last hot cocoa run!

Sleeping on the plane

No sleeping, but not crying either. ;)

Someplace over Lancaster. Hi Susanna!!

Adoptive parent & pack mule are the same word in Bulgarian....

 Lucky number 1000. You will have to check out Reece's Rainbow in the next few days to see what I mean.

 Hmmm, check this out!
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