Monday, November 12, 2012

Apples, road trips, & BIG THINGS

Today, being a holiday for Mr. P., and a usual day off for me, we made our final run of the season up to the apple orchard, Dickie Brother's, which incidentally, is a VA century farm! U-pick (also known as: expensive fruit your kids have dropped 600 times before reaching the van) is over, but we were able to score some lovely end o'the season bushels. Apple crops weren't particularly spared in the NY/MI/WI regions, in keeping with a rather lousy year for most crops over most of the country. VA apples did rather well though. I've come to the conclusion that Nelson Co. might be among the prettiest in the state. :) From what I could see of it, at least, in between hanging my head from intolerable motion sickness...the road goes up and down, uuuupppp and doooowwwnnn,...and around a bend *blech*

Upon arrival & gulping in fresh air, letting the dog run, and convincing my children that while the road may be a 1.25 lanes wide pave cow path, you still are required to stop and look before crossing, my phone made an email chirp....

The paperwork has arrived. (The instructions might require a Ph.D. ^_^). Her profile's been moved to the My Family Found Me are free to share.


May I introduce you to Miss Penelope Joy "Penny":

Due to arrive sometime in 2013. Keep us in prayer to remained focused on the Lord and HIS timing. Pray for her protection. If you know where she is, and many of you do, please, don't refer to her location or country, for the sake of her privacy & the process. Many thanks in advance.

He loved me ere I knew Him... Means something entirely new tonight.

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