Thursday, November 8, 2012

Updates and whatnots....

Ahhh, so...uhm, I haven't been blogging much (kicks sand) Apparently on on Q2 year post plan, lol! I promise to try harder.

Life's been busy and good at Casa de Zinger. After a long walk in the valley, experiencing the loss of two precious sons at 18 & 24 weeks, God has richly blessed us with a beautiful son--Little Mr. G.--presently 9 months, toddling about, and terrorizing the dog. This might be revenge for the first 2-3 months of life where he frequently was greeted by The Nose:

I changed jobs this spring, now working for a totally different system in surgery services (go ahead a laugh. I actually went to the OR and completely avoided syncope. No small feat.) It's been an exciting challenge, though the commute is not for a the faint of heart.

The big kids (big being defined as T. on up) all enjoyed another season of soccer with Upward. I.'s team epitomized the Bad News Bears, but it was a time of fun and fellowship. We were also blessed with not one, but TWO visits from Grandma Zinger & Opa. The second being the end result of extremely poor time of the first; a certain Baby G's being born exactly two weeks late and exactly 4 days after their plane shoved off from Dullas. (In my defense, I did warn Mr. P. of this. He'd forgotten in 3+ years how very, very late my womb likes to gestate.) We hit the fair at the Grandma & Pop-pops, showed some cows, won some photo awards, and brushed up on our barn chores. Not everyone can bucket feed a dozen calves, divy up grain, water, and pitch hay to a barnful, in under an hour, WITH a 7 month old in a mei tei on her back. (>applause here<) The fall has brought on schooling in earnest (except for this week where we've run around like chickens with our heads cut off been busy with shipping paper work for a BIG THING hither and yon. S. is officially a middle schooler (do homeschoolers even care? I feel a sense of social obligation to note this, which is ironic given that I'd be totally OK forgetting all of Jr. High.) N. is in 4th, I. 2nd, and T. is trialing Kindy unofficially. J. enjoys his "school" in the form of CLE's About 3/About 4 books, and G. contributes in the form of confusion & delay. Speaking of Sir Topum Hat, we met him, Thomas, and others at Strasburg Railroad's Day Out with Thomas; J. in keeping with Zinger child tradition, was thoroughly terrified of Sir TuH.

That's all that's really new & exciting, except for the BIG THING......

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