Thursday, October 31, 2013

And it's off

Our second stage dossier is waiting for the DHL truck to pick it up & send it to *it's country of destination* :D  I thought I'd have it out yesterday, but in a stroke of brilliance, I decided to check the email over ONE MORE TIME. Good call, as I missed one tiny detail, that 2, not 1, notarized, apostilled copies of the POA were required. Not like our attorney didn't try, either. It was bold face, all caps, and underlined. The down side was yet ANOTHER trip to 1111 East Broad, and a bit of ribbing from the SOC folks, whom I assured yesterday I wouldn't see again before next year. The upshot was I did get yummy chicken salad two days in a row.

I am sure most have seen this, but if not, Miss Brandi has a family committed to her. She is among the last of the older children, still eligible for adoption who was still waiting for a forever family.  My friend Susanna, over at the Blessing of Verity, has been tirelessly advocating for her, and finally, her day has come!!!!  Please help raise the initial $5300 for the Myers' commitment fees. She shares the same cerebral palsy diagnosis as Penny does. I was not able to see her when I visited, though I'd hoped to. Given that I've never seen a photo of her upright at all, and with the general conditions of some of the older children I *did* see, my guess would be that's she's every bit as fragile as Penny, maybe more so. That said, she's also several years younger than Pen, and much like the old time is money analogy, time is healing. The sooner she's safely in Myers' home, the sooner this time can be redeemed!!! Please consider supporting their adoption in any way possible & please share this post or this one from Susanna's blog! Thank you!
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