Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3, More visits with Penny

We arrived a smidge early (go me, not late!) This is no small miracle, as I once again woke at random fall asleep four hours after that...and then had to be up in an hour after that. Blech. Thank goodness, they have no kidding around coffee.

Our visit this morning began well. The really kind nurse from the previous evening was on, and she was eager to get us settled. Penny seemed comfy, though I can't say for sure if she recognized me or not. We attempted to snap a few pictures, but Penny had a seizure. You know, I'm a nurse. I've seen plenty of seizures. But when it is your child, in your arms, and you are powerless to help them, it is a horrible feeling.  :( I vetoed any further snap shots, as I have no idea if the light on the camera could be exacerbating the situation or not, and I surely wasn't taking any chances. In spite of this, we got in a good long visit, and then were able to meet the orphanage director. She's very nice, though I truly have no idea how it is that one is medical director, chief of staff, and chief administrative officer all in one. This would be 3 positions in the private facility in the states....(and at least 6 at the vahhhh spa ;) )  She was able to get us some more info, and promised to track down a few odds and ends that I am hoping to get a hold of for Penny's medical file. We are also *nearly* certain, that Penny's room mate is Chad, who's auction is RIGHT NOW (shameless plug....our family loves this little guy and are so happy he is coming home too!!!!)

The orphanage is getting a bit of a make over!! The lobby has fresh paint and several of the upper level classrooms and nurseries will too. Those rooms have fresh windows and flooring, and a ramp for the main entrance is in the works too.....that's quite the grade, so I don't envy whomever gets tasked with figure that one you'd need to start from the other side of the street!!!  We were shown two of the rooms that will be renovated...and met a whole passel of 18 month olds who swarmed us!! Pat pat pat the legs...and the skirt, and the bags, and the hand gel on my purse, NEI! :D Too cute. It will be nice for them, when it is all said and done.

Our afternoon visit was briefer. Penny had another seizure earlier, so I think we were on close observation...or else I looked shifty or something, b/c the nurse watched us like a hawk! She was groggy, but I think she recognized me (and seems to love our facilitator!) We had some good snuggle time, and then---IT WAS SUPPER TIME! Princess P does not need to be asked twice to eat. I was able to feed her. I learned a lot feeding her (slowly....I'm fairly certain our nurse could have fed the entire ward twice over at my rate....silly American) and she ate the whole bowl clean. After this, she was as bright eyed as I've ever seen her, real life or photo or video. Unfortunately, that was go home time. Still, I am thankful. For some much info. For seeing some of her health "record" play out, and being able to recognize some major issues that seemed to not be there, but are need to know. For the director who is really, really trying to make improvement. For the nurses caring for her...even the ones keeping a close eye on slow feedin' Americans, lol!

A few prayer requests:
  • For Penny's health-getting a mixed bag of info here. She is much better than she was, but she still has several major health concerns we need to get sorted out, quickly.
  • For our pictures tomorrow-please pray that she tolerates our adventure out.....and that the weather is something, anything nicer than 40, drizzly, and cold.  (oh, and that I can convince folks that the leggings we brought are, in fact, capris.....really, they are "short" on purpose. ;-) ) They'd actually fit her in the waist.
  • For funding to come in abundantly for the renovation work, and for a particular formula need.
  • For the baba situation, which I do not want to get into publically. Just pray over it, Jesus knows the need.
  • For any other SN children, particularly older children, to have their files know, identified, and ACTIVE with the MOJ. And please pray in advance for their forever families. In that swarm of 18  month olds, there were several who clearly had some SN's. Let us be vigilant, on their behalf, to pray them into homes just as soon as they are eligible for adoption. So that never again are families bringing home 21 pound teenagers. We serve a God who is mighty to save; let's be His hands, His feet, His wallet, and His voice for these least of these.

Should the weather cooperate, we'll try to get some nice outside pictures of Princess P. tomorrow where there is no chance of flash.
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