Tuesday, October 8, 2013

And the Very Next Day.....

That lady came back!!!

This morning we met our social workers and walked across town to the local soccer stadium & track. Big, grassy....FENCED! These ladies are brilliant! I was doubly impressed that one was wearing very cute heels....over cobblestones and relatively poor excuses for sidewalks at times.

We arrived and 'lil miss had me make several laps, alternating walking hand in hand with carrying her. we also sat for a bit & checked out the nifty octopus musical toy Daddy picked out. If you push its tentacles, it says the colours (in your choice of English, Spanish, or French!)
I don't know about this.....

We did thoughtfully tell her foster dad how to shut the silly thing off. Fair being only fair. *I* found it irritating about 5 minutes in. And I know what it's saying!

The visit, though due for about two hours, ground down at the 90 minute mark. Little Miss, unable to express something, of great importance, or else just plain tired, was stick a fork in me done, and pretty well melted down. We decided there was nothing gain & plenty to be lost trying to push it any more, and to do so was patently unfair to her & her foster family. So, amidst crying, wailing, and possibly some gnashing, we called it a morning. My best guess, though I was too chicken to ask, was that she was asleep before he left the parking lot. (6 kids later, I've seen this once or twice before. And it transcends cultures.)

The afternoon visit, which included the visa photo session, began equally rocky. Her photo, which at some point, will be looked upon fondly and with some ribbing at her expense, is a tear stained glory. Our fearless guide, while not a dad himself, as shepherded literally hundreds of families and little ones. He got to be in charge, and we successfully obtained embassy approved shots. Go team!  Sniffles and gulps subsiding, we wandered over to the swings and quietly swung and allowed her to get her bearings again. The rocking seemed to do the trick, and Laura & I chatted with another mom in the park, who is Bulgarian herself, but lives in the states. You don't hear much English in the public park, so it was a real blessing. One of those moments that feel like God just hugged you.

Eventually joy won the day, and we canvased most of the park area, part of the plaza, munched down a Milka mini-bar, and played with some hair. Paying much closer attention this time to the timbre and mood of the visit, we wisely called it a day when she began to act tired. I was able to bring her to her family's car, and the visit ended on a happy note. 

 Ring around the Papa, best game ever!!

 Happy trails, little one. Momma will see you in the morning.
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