Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Home again, home again....

Jiggity jog, right?

Laura and I arrived a good half hour early on our flight home. It still took ninety minutes to escape check out of the airport. I've come to the conclusion that I don't do well with a 40K to ground level descent in 30 minutes flat. To prove this, I dry heaved most of the ride back to the 'burbs.  A good night sleep, yummy breakfast, hot shower, and fatty cup of American joe basically revived me (ahhh, $5bucks PSL!!! I missed you greatly, though my wallet did not.)

Mr. P & the kids had two big surprises for me. One was a wonderful hour long massage, and the other was an elliptical machine for my birthday. Yes, I know the stereotypes, DH purchases exercise equipment for wife =instant death. Rest assured, I've wanted one of these beasties forever! It is the one work out thing I actually enjoy. This one does a million or so neat tricks, and if I were actually cool enough to own a real iPod (I don't, stop laughing...right now, STOP LAUGHING!) it would synch to that too. I've gotten onto it several times now, and have not hung a single item of laundry off of it (yet.)

I made my way back to the vahhhh-spa on Saturday. Several of my patients were still there, despite my 2 week absence.  "Placement issues" being the understatement of the century. While at times I am certain my locale of employment would be indistinguishable from a lunatic asylum, I actually missed it, and it was nice to get back into the swing of things and catch up with the staff.  The only not so funny for me (funny maybe about me, if you find irony funny) adventure really was Saturday night. Now, as back story, I was riddled with DO NOT EAT advice upon going to BG. Don't eat (including but not limited to...) water, fresh veggies, fruit you can't peel, anything from a street cart, any salad, ...... Yeah. Opps. I think I blew the first 4 or so within 24 hrs of arrival. Let's face it, I went to EUROPE, not the African bush. And I survived. Just fine, I  might add. And the 1 lev, not technically a food cart, just food passed through a window onto the street was seriously good. (And its two blocks from where all the DF families stay in Sofia, just FYI.)

Fast forward to Saturday night.  I've got the munchies and frankly what sounds good is a bag of Lays. But I can hear my provider's voice in my head lecturing me on junk food, so I opt for the garden salad out of the fridge. (Kitchen blesses the residents, and by default, me) with the left over meals at the end of the day.) So I pick the good salad. Not sure if it was the salad or the dressing that was bunk, but either way I was insanely, bring up the toe nails sick in 15 minutes. Ahem....apparently the don't eat this rules extend as far as the resident's fridge somewhere on southside. I felt better by Sunday AM, and at least in Laura's opinion, this was very funny. You can bet your boots (and a few other things) that next time, I'm totally going with the Lays. After all, now I have an elliptical!

In adoption news, our I-800 is winging it's way to the USCIS lockbox. It should arrive today, tomorrow at the latest. We have half the docs for our 2nd stage dossier sign/notarized, and should have the remaining two by midweek. next week. My goal is to have all but the I-800 (I have no earthly clue how long it takes to come back) in country by November 1. I think that's do-able. I miss my girls. I want them home, as soon as God's will allows.  A real, last day in country post with photos is over due, and I will work on it shortly.
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