Friday, October 4, 2013

Sight seeing and Other Adventures

So, this morning was our big day to go get Princess P's visa photos done. The staff had her dressed in one of her new outfits, capri leggings (crazy Americans) included. Once safely tucked in our get-a-way facilitator's car, we clipped on the contraband hair bows too ^_^ Now, in the staff's defense, she saw those bows and had her mouth open baby bird style. Nei! So those could not stay in unattended. As an answer to prayer, the sun was out and the breeze minimal. It was still 5*C (41*F, thank you NOAA calculator I just googled.....) but nicer than it's been the entire time we've been in country. So we made a bit of a field trip of it, and strolled about the plaza area. We saw several old buildings and fountains. Also stray dogs and fat pigeons, but those are less photogenic.
Momma, Penny, & Mrs. Laura posting

Close up!!!  

 Thawing out & check out the hair bows :)

Looks like a church, but apparently an art gallery.

 Pretty girl, in front of pretty flowers.  (And yes, I was vain, next to such loveliness, and ditched the dratted glasses. :( 6 months 'til contacts, wish me luck in compliance. I am proud of the fact that I was actually looking at the camera...that I couldn't see.)
We got back, thawed out (we had her snuggled in a la bunting style with Laura's big poofy jacket, but she was still chilly) and generally enjoyed snuggling.  When it was time for her nap the staff pried her out of my arms let me settle her in...AND I got to meet Chad!! My goodness he's cute! We had a fun (quick, but fun) high five game & I was in total awe of how fast that boy can move!!! Dollars to donuts says he keeps the nursing staff hopping.  Sorry, no pics :(
We tried out a new lunch spot, adjacent to the photo place. I was able to get a couple of enlargements of the visa photo, which was surprisingly lovely for a 1x1 head shot. I was happy to have a "real" picture of her. The new lunch spot was yummy, and we laughed ourselves somewhat stupid over lunch whilst watching cheesy VH1 80's versus 90's videos on the big screen. Yeah, we don't get out much. Afterwards, Mr. P. successfully got the sound working on Skype again, so Momma got to say good morning to everyone at 2:30 in the nearly teenager's dream ;) All is basically quite on the western front. Special thank you to Stormy, who's helped us hold down the fort this week!!!
Our afternoon visit was punctuated by meeting the Government social worker (not to be confused with the facility's worker...who presumable also works for the government, so this seems redundant, but I digress....) Actually a lovely older lady, who I gather has had Pen on her case load since her birth. She as much said she thought Penny wouldn't make it at times, which broke my heart (again) and yet I am so thankful to God for His hand of mercy over her.
We also:
Tried on other nifty hairbow from Bri S. (I got it in a Hidden Treasures Auction, hint hint--not hinting GO BID...there's something you surely need....or don't need but will love anyway)
Got a letter from a little girl who's prayed faithfully for Penny (To her momma, Katie-you seriously have no idea how this 'letter' has touched people!) 
And visited with her nurse

Unfortunately, she did have another seizure, which delayed dinner some, but when able to eat, she ate with gusto.  I again, and again to her deep consternation, got to be the no fingers down the throat police.  Then it was bedtime, and time to settle in....
This dress actually did prove a lot shorter than I though. For whatever she lacks in width, Penny more than covers it with length!!! All the meanwhile, Mrs. Laura had about the cutest 18 mo/2 year old?? little cherub just flirting up a storm with her. After yesterday's little swarm, and then him (and he had a couple of counterpart cuties with him), I am beginning to thing everyone needs one of these little guys in their life!!
I was pretty well starving, as was everyone else, so we headed back and tried new and interesting (if not entirely accurately depicted in the menu) dinner items. Also, just for my kiddos, I broke the water rule and had
 I think I like their version better than ours. Beginning with and not limited to the fact that it isn't DOT orange.......
The feeding video turned out better than anticipated, however it will not load or function here :( That was just a mean tease....though I promise I tried to load it....just gave up after 10 minutes......
Two prayer request, one unspoken, and one plainly spoken: Please pray we are able to have two full visits tomorrow.  The other I'd rather not get into, but the Lord knows, and can make a way for it, if it is His will, at this time. Thank you & good night from BG ;)

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