Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Amazing Love

We are just astounded by the love of the Body of Christ & believers from all over! Our wonderful church allowed us to formally present Penny to the congregation & took up a love offering to benefit our adoption. This raised nearly half of the second installment fee (#2 of 3 total to About A Child.) As though this weren't quite enough, Patti over at A Perfect Lily has begun a fundraiser entitled Saving Penny to help us complete our fundraising needs. God is so good, all the time!!!  It is so humbling, to read another's words to advocate for your child. It is hard though, to look at those pictures of children tied to crib rails. It goes beyond comprehension, what possesses an adult to do that to a child. And crushes your heart to know that if you did that to an animal you'd be (and rightfully so, don't get me wrong) prosecuted harshly. Do that to a child however, and excuses are produced to justify it so fast your head would spin.  And NPR will feature an editorial on how adoption is bad....Apparently lunacy knows no bounds.

But today, I refuse to not choose joy.  I am choosing joy because our God is Awesome, and He loves us. He loves Penny, and while I cannot even begin to comprehend why she's suffered, I know He will redeem her life and bless ours immeasurably; of this I have no doubt.  I don't know why, beyond a somewhat nebulous concept of sin in the world i.e.: Genesis 3, this suffering is allowed. But I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the least of these will surely be first in the Kingdom of Heaven, and in this life or that to come, accountability will be demanded of those who justify these types of atrocities.  And mostly, because our daughter is coming home and will finally know love. So I will rejoice in Him who sets the lonely in families.

Choose JOY with me today :)

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