Thursday, May 30, 2013

As promised .... GARDEN PICS!

As I have promised, this whole post is proof that my garden actually exists :) Starting on the deck and working my way down.

My pretty petunias:

I got all creative and reused the watering can with (great big) holes in the bottom to be a planter.

Fearless guardian of the garden (*cough cough* in my dreams.)  In reality, if I don't lock every single gate, this fur ball morphs into a terrier.  Much to the dismay of me and the plants.

The fancy gate & arch way-we are training a combination of morning glories, clematis, a climbing rose, & swamp jasmine to climb over it.

Baby Squash:

Beans on the left, gladiolas on the right:
Beans & onions:
Peppers & Marigolds:


For Me?!?!?

Thomas, garden helper extraordinaire!

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