Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Fun

We survived enjoyed the final soccer weekend. Josh continued to spin aimlessly in the centre of the field, oblivious to man or ball, and generally speaking, a good time was had by all. It was a tiny bit bitter-sweet, as this is Sarah's last year in the league, but it's obvious she has a knack with the little ones, and I suspect coaching will be in her future.  The rest of my weekend stunk.....to say work was rough would be the relative understatement of the year....or century. My specific words, upon entering my house a good hour later than anticipated on my first night of the weekend were 'Well, today would make you quit.' Things did not improve from there. In addition to all that went wrong in the context of work (mostly grumpy people, perhaps myself included,) I found out a colleague will be shipping out to Afghanistan for a year....for the third time. :( R., please know, we will keep you lifted in prayer, and we are proud & grateful for your service! Overall,  I guess it's a great job that makes you go HOORAY IT'S MONDAY!!! right?

Mr. P. was home, c/o federal holiday, so we slept WAY in (hence why you are getting a blog update at a quarter to midnight), got the good word that our amended application landed safely in our in-country agency's hands, and basically puttered about the garden all.day.long. Interspersed with a run to Lowes (aka Bob the Builder's), Five-bucks, and the Green House (the local nursery, yes in fact, it is called the Green House-though they have like 10-along with every shade of geranium you can imagine, and a few you can't.) My beds are nearly full to bursting, and Sarah has the makings of  a very nifty raised bed for strawberries. She also planted her carrot seeds. This is an annual event, allowing us to prove, again, that carrots do not grow in Virginia. So this year, we try special foo-foo Technicolor organic carrot seeds. Something new and different to not really grow. :-D Her bed, Go for broke kiddo! The greenie-er than me crowd will be proud of my repurposing of pots (like the nice huge ones the fruit trees came in) to get my 8 million or so squash plants transplanted-the big pots are frankly sufficiently large that you wouldn't need to transplant them again. Those are going to get rehomed though, as I have no less than 8-10 summer squash, zucchinis, 4 acorn, and 10+ cukes. The plants that go into the ground sooner already have itsy-bitsy little squash on them!!! I could potentially have fresh baby squash by the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm a little excited...check to see how excited I am the end of July ^_^)

Our final bit of productivity involved looking over our adoption funding. Patti over at  A Perfect Lily is continuing the Saving Penny fundraiser, with the goal of raising $3000 for her (winner gets an iPad!!!) Julie's (Fallon) adoption will add about $5000-5500 in fees, travel notwithstanding (so really, it could be closer to $6500, depending on ticket fees, and other sundries.)

 This could cause me to hyperventilate......but I refuse.  Wanna know why?

This verse was my verse o'the day in my email box this AM:

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:19 KJV

God is going to provide this. HE has faithfully gone before us, opening every door, finding funding, matching us with individuals who are passionate about saving orphans, and calming the storm of fear that sometimes rages in our own hearts and minds, when we meditate a little too long in our humanness on just what exactly we are embarking on. When we needed unity, and when we needed a little bit of a shove. HE has always been there. And HE will continue to be.  Doesn't make it 'easy' per say, and doesn't mean we won't need to continue to scrimp & save (and potentially live off squash). We're called to obedience, not easy. To sacrificial living, not affluence.

$6500 to rescue a life. Kind of blows your mind, doesn't it?
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